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PayPal buttons - payment description page shows USD when all settings are for GBP?

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I'm using PayPal buttons on my website (HTML "Buy Now" buttons).  I copy and paste the email link for the button into the  button code in my Squarespace website.  All the settings in PayPal for the buttons are for payments in GBP but the first payment page shows USD. When you click through it then changes to GBP - does anyone know why the first screen would display USD and how can I change this? See links on these pages   - (buttons page - choose the first payment button) .


First payment page -


this shows USD, it should be GBP - it then changes to GBP when you click through to the next page. All the settings in PaYPal for the HTML Buy Now buttons are set to GBP, it's this intermediary page that seems to display in USD.  Is there any way to change this? Its happening cross browser and on mobile, does anyone have any ideas, or a better place to ask the question? 


Really not sure how to change this as I don't have access to any more settings.





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