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PayPal UI in Current Window (No Popup)

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I am developing a PayPal integration and wanted to adjust the way that PayPal window comes up. The standard is for PayPal UI to show up in a PopUp Window. However, I want something different.


I would like the current window to be redirected to PayPal instead and once the transaction in PayPal is complete, have the current window go back to my app.


I have seen this done by Spotify, as I just made an update to my payments today there. In Spotify, after clicking CONTINUE PURCHASE button, the window redirects to<TOKEN>&rcache=2&cookieBannerVari... and once complete, the window goes back to Spotify URL.


I want to use this exact same workflow that Spotify uses. Can someone please show me how this is accomplished and where the documentation is for this workflow?

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