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PayPal Subscription Cycle confusion

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Hi, I'm setting up a product sales and want to offer users trial before capturing an amount. Let's say after the 14-day trial I want the subscription to kick in and charge the amount and I want the subscription to end on the 15th day. I'm confused if I set up the subscription cycle to 2 weeks and expiry to 2 weeks and trial to 2 weeks, will it achieve the effect or charging once after two weeks free trial?


I also want to create a monthly installment option where after the trial it should charge amount monthly for 12 months before expiring. Same as before, I'm confused if trial time is included as part of the cycle or outside of it. If outside have to offset expiration, right?


PayPal Subscription Cycle confusion


For your first example that doesn't sound like a subscription at all.  That sounds like a standard Authorization and Capture.  You would just do a general payment integration as Authorization.  Then after 14 days you would Capture the Authorization.  If they cancel at any time you would Void the Authorization.


But then you say you want a separate 12 month subscription to start right after that..??  I'm a little bit confused at what your goal is here.  Can you lay out a use case example?



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