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PayPal Subscribe Issue

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I'm trying to set up a paypal subscribe button to go on my wix site. I've generated the code and pasted it in the Wix HTML iframe developer, and the buttons have appeared as expected. When I publish my site and make it live, however, when either the paypal subscribe buttons or the debit card button below are clicked, it briefly looks like it's opening up the right pop-up, but then it quickly closes, apparently doing nothing. The code paypal generated for me is below. The wix site page I have been testing it on is:


Any help would be amazing!


<div id="paypal-button-container"></div> <script src="" data-sdk-integration-source="button-factory"></script> <script> paypal.Buttons({ style: { shape: 'rect', color: 'gold', layout: 'vertical', label: 'subscribe', }, createSubscription: function(data, actions) { return actions.subscription.create({ 'plan_id': 'P-58S63930YV394891BL4AH74A' }); }, onApprove: function(data, actions) { alert(data.subscriptionID); } }).render('#paypal-button-container'); </script>


PayPal Subscribe Issue

New Community Member

most  probably your plan id or client id is wrong. I had same issue yesterday, I  realised that my plan id was wrong.

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