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PayPal Payment sent to Two Seperate Accounts

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I am creating a website where customers pay for items from my websites vendors. I want to receive 5% of the payment into my account and the remaining 95% into the vendors PayPal account. Is this possible with PayPal?


Or, is it possible for me to receive 100% into my account and then automatically send 95% of that amount to vendors account?


Also, is it possible to have dynamic payment amount on Pay Now buttons? Example, can I use PHP to calculate an amount and send this calculated amount to the PayPal Pay Now button? Or do you need to set the payment amount of the button inside PayPal? Example, vendor sells 2 products, I calculate 5% of that total sale and use PHP to create an automated Pay Now button to display to the vendors account each day? Or are all these things not possible with PayPal? If not, any suggestions are welcome

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