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PayPal Checkout Shipping Options Integration


PayPal Checkout Shipping Options Integration

I'm integrating PayPal Checkout into our e-commerce platform.
Our existing non-PayPal checkout has a pretty standard 4 step flow:

1. Cart -> 2. Shipping Address -> 3. Shipping Option -> 4. Payment


NOTE: Our checkout flow is very similar to Shopify checkout in case you're familiar with that.

I'm trying to understand where in the checkout flow PayPal Checkout can fit in, in particular how we ensure the customer is able to choose an appropriate shipping option (e.g. next day vs standard vs international etc.) once they've selected their shipping address.


Shopify currently offers PayPal Checkout both on step 1 (Cart) and step 4 (Payment).


Adding PayPal Checkout to step 4 (Payment) seems pretty straight forward because we can use the shipping address captured in step 2 (Shipping Address) and pass shipping_preference: 'SET_PROVIDED_ADDRESS' when creating the PayPal Order, preventing the customer from changing their shipping address in PayPal Checkout -- this is critical as it ensures customers are unable to invalidate their shipping option by, for example, changing from a UK -> US shipping address.


However, if we wanted to add it to step 1 (Cart) or even directly on product pages (which Shopify also offers), I can't see how it would work as there doesn't appear to be a way to offer up different shipping options within the PayPal Checkout?


Re: PayPal Checkout Shipping Options Integration

I've gone through and tested the behaviour of Shopify's PayPal Checkout from step 1 (Cart).


It turns out, the customer approves a transaction within PayPal for the price of the product and upon approving the payment in PayPal is redirected to step 3 (Shipping Option) within the Shopify to select a shipping method.


Does this mean, the amount captured can be greater than the amount approved in the PayPal Checkout window?