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PayPal Cart System on Our Site

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Currently we are running a PayPal cart system on our site. I am getting messages from PayPal that the site doesn't meet the security updates now. Will I need to fix all the buttons?


PayPal Cart System on Our Site

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It's not the item buttons that need to be updated - assuming you're using a hosting service for your web site, you may want to contact the provider and ask if they are going to update or have updated their Transport Layer Security (TLS) to TLS v1.1 or v1.2.   Most web hosting providers have updated their security stuff already (it's something you not even know about in most cases.    It's also important that what ever web browsers you are using can support TLS v1.1 or v1.2, else when surfing the net, you may run into sites you can't view.


Here's some other info from a previous post.

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