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PayPal Buttons not saved....

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A week ago, I made several PP buttons, they all worked fine. Yesterday I had to delete most of them, with only three remaining. The three are still visible. However, if I create a new button, they do not show up in my saved buttons overview. I go to the Create Button page, I fill in all details, I push the button 'Create Button', I go to the next page, I see a HTML code. Then, when I return to my created buttons overview, it's not there. Been in e-mail contact with Tech Support, but they can't help me either. What to do now...? (This is costing me big money atm, as my website does not have PP buttons for customers to use).


PayPal Buttons not saved....


The PayPal Buttons will be saved automatically if the option "Save button at PayPal" in step 2 (when creating the buttons in your PayPal Account) has a check mark in it.

If the check mark is missing then the button will not be saved to your PayPal Account.

See below image:

2018-03-06 09_02_15-Create a PayPal payment button - PayPal.png

If your button does not have this check marked then it will not save to your PayPal Account. After the button is saved to your PayPal Account you can add the HTML Code to your website.

If your button does not have drop down options, you may see the email tab, which will provide a URL (web address) link rather than button code. You can paste the web address provided into your website and have a clickable link on your website.

2018-03-06 09_08_56-Generated Code - PayPal.png

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