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Pay pal hold payments that have been confirmed for immediate release when buyers confirms

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Pay pal continues to hold my funds when I receive payment. Every transaction. I was transferred in the beginning to securities department, I  had explained that every rep in customer service gives different answers for the same transaction, and a couple have lied to me. According to pay pal website if the buyer calls in and confirms transaction  the funds are to release immediately. So now I have my buyers call in for me. Pay pal is aware I have told the securities department what has been going on. The securities department told me they need to no this information, they can review the agents phone calls for mis information. Now that pay pal is aware I have done this they are making it as difficult as possible for me to get my monies. My last transaction has taken three weeks. My buyer called in and confirmed. Again according to website the monies should go onto my bank card within minutes no longer than 24 hours. Now they have released them with a 72 wait time for bank to release the funds. I am tired of their unethical practices, they refuse to transfer me to the securities department. The supervisor denied me three time today to speak with the other department. I am so upset. Give me my money pay pal! 


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