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Pay Me option for WordPress Website NOT Donate Button

New Community Member
Posted on

I'm not sure whether it is the right place to seek help or not!


But I'm stuck in a crtical situation. I even searched for the solution in this community.

I have started a new website that offers one-stop solution for Windows Activation, Office Activation & Product Keys. I basically connect with end users using third party remote control software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer and activate the products. Then users can pay me through PayPal. But the problem is, I don't want to share my personal email address and want users to pay me through my website. So I want to create a separate page like "Pay Me" where I can just add a click to pay button. More like a donate button, But this is not a donation, they are actually paying me for my service.


I hope I stated my problem correctly, Please help me out. 



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