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One Shopping Cart, One Click Pay Button, Pay Multiple Accounts

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Hi everyone,


I am a PHP developer and I am the creator of a new web site called


On this site users ("sellers") can list computer games they want to sell.


Other users ("buyers") can browse the games on offer. They can add those they want to buy to
a shopping cart.


The shopping cart works out automatically:


1. which games are owned by which sellers
2. the total weight of the games
3. how much postage will be from the sellers' addresses' to the buyer's address, and
4. the total amount.


It presents a button 'Pay'.


I'm not sure what solution I need from Paypal in order that when the Pay button is clicked,
the sellers can get paid.


What *should* happen:

1. User pays once (even though he is buying from multiple sellers)
2. Each seller receives the money for the games the buyer is buying from him
3. Each seller receives the Paypal notification e-mail saying "You've got funds"
4. The site shows the confirmation that the order is paid


The difficulty I have at the moment is that I can only pay to one account. The code
is using SetExpressCheckout with variables:




I suspect that this bit of the code needs to be rewritten but I can't understand from Paypal's
documentation what I should do instead.


I'm sure it's actually pretty easy. Anyone got any ideas?


One Shopping Cart, One Click Pay Button, Pay Multiple Accounts


Since the Adaptive Payments option cannot be setup for new integrations the best option would be PayPal For Marketplaces.

Here is the information on the two options within the program:

PayPal For Marketplaces Documentation

Our PayPal for Marketplaces solution has two integration paths to choose from based on how you run your business:

  • Connected path. A marketplace model in which each individual PayPal merchant assumes financial liability, rather than you, the partner. All merchants must have PayPal Business accounts.

  • Managed path. A marketplace model in which the partner assumes financial liability. Merchants aren't required to have PayPal Business accounts.

The Connected Path Option may be the best option for your Business Model since it connects the Buyers and Sellers, without the partner being liable financially.

Here is the basic Integration Steps:


Here is the demo, if you would like to see how it works.


Thank you,


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