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NodeJS / React API - How to ask Paypal to Add Tax and Shipping Charges

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Hello all. I am fairly new to web development and I apologize if this doesn't make sense. There are so many Paypal API's and Node packages out there that I am getting really confused. I know that if I want Paypal to add the tax and shipping charges, I need a Paypal Standard account. I cannot use Paypal Express. That's fine.


I also know that I can go into my Standard account to configure Tax rates for states, zip codes, countries, etc. The same can be said for Shipping. I can set that up as well.


But what do I need to send to a Paypal API to tell Paypal to add taxes and shipping to the amount submitted if applicable.


For example, one of the packages I am looking at using is 


However, I am not dead set on using this package. I have not picked one yet. I am building a website with Node, React, Express, and MongoDB. Any help would be appreciated. Some sample code would be great!



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