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Need Help Regarding My Power Tools Store

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 Hi Everyone, We have Power Tools/Miter saw related WordPress store.. I am trying to create buttons in PayPal, then am pasting the HTML code to my block Custom HTML.  It displays in the preview of the block, but when I update my WordPress page and view it live it doesn't show.  I also then tried to use the WordPress PayPal instructions where they give me a code and I have to replace some text with the PayPal button URL (email link) in its place along with some code that displays the PayPal button I want, in this case, Add to Cart button.  Once I replace Word press's text with above links and paste into the Custom HTML block and save it, it displays the button but completely misaligned from the other blocks I have created such as Product name, description, image, price (paragraph) block and would like the button displayed under that.  Why does the button go all the way to the left?  And why does the button show image and some of the coding text?  How does one put PayPal buttons on free site?


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