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My marketplace and I need your help. Paypal direct from customer to seller?

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First off- I am not a programmer so I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I have searched the web for months for an answer to my question and I cannot find it anywhere so this is one of my last hopes. For some background, I am building a multi-vendor website using WordPress, Woocommerce and the Dokan plugin. I originally was going to charge a commission but with Paypal Adaptive Payments no longer existing, I would have to receive the payment myself first and then payout my vendors. There is a plugin that allows the payment to go direct to the vendors but then they would have to enter their API keys which would be too complicated for my vendors. I see other multi-vendor websites that allow sellers to enter only their PayPal email and then once a customer clicks “Buy now with Paypal” they are redirected with the full amount to the sellers PayPal for payment. I wouldn’t need to take a commission or anything like that, 100% of the payment would go to the seller. Does anyone know how I could achieve this? Thanks in advance for any help, it is very much needed.

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