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My PayPal certificate expired

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Well, as the title say, I use the traditional certificate method. I have used the php code found for paypal in github if I recall correctly. I did manage to operate the certificates without problems, even resolved last year's website changes where lots of things moved around and information got lost like instructions on how to use the certificates. This time now, I cannot find any help on what to do.


To put this in simple words, I have accessed this page

where my new certificates are placed but I don't see how I can apply these to my hand-written code as expected by that paypal php code from github. I need this functionality as I dynamically calculate things (price, variables etc), the approach was easy to do and all it was needed was a private key, a certificate and a certificate ID.


In my PHP I use this class

$PPButtonService = new EWPServices();


This is the function from EWPServices

function encryptButton( $buttonParams_,

and the parameters expected are:

$MY_KEY_FILE (ewpPrivateKeyPath)

$MY_CERT_FILE (ewpCertPath)

$PAYPAL_CERT_FILE (paypalCertPath)

cert_id as a parameter when constructing the button parameters (contained in $buttonParams expected by the function above). Unfortunately I am stuck on what I am supposed to do and clients are sending messages why they can't buy my products. Any help appreciated.


My confusion is:

1) which is my cert_id? Where can I get it this time? All I can see now at paypal is this "fingerprint"???????? And its format is quite different to the typical cert ID I used all these years.

2) In the downloaded cert file from paypal, I see two sections: one private key and another with a certificate key. Do I split them? If so, which part is what to the variables mentioned above?

3) How do I go about my_key_file and my_cert_file? Do I generate them myself somehow? Unfortunately I don't find anymore the instructions I used to and it seems the procedure has changed once more.


If there is another easy to use solution, please also mention it. I don't need cart support, this approach I currently use fits perfectly what I need.


I'm stuck, this is bad for business. Thank you for your time.


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