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Multiple Paypal Merchant Accounts on one website

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This is what I want to do?


I am building a online fundraising platform where people can create a page on my site and setup their payment colletion facility so the funds can go directly into their account. 


Does anyone know if this is possible in Paypal as well?

I couldn't find it anywhere.


Example where it works now? Ebay is perfect example where sellers setup their account and provide their paypal details. Then all funds go into their paypal account.  To be honest, I haven't seen this anywhere else on the same website domain.


Any solution ideas would be great!  To be honest I am surprised this doesn't exist already since you are easily send payments to any paypal account. So, not sure why I can setup way on my site so that funds go directly to benefeciaries paypal account rather than my one.


Multiple Paypal Merchant Accounts on one website


Hi, you have 2 ways to achieve that with PayPal.


1) You can develope your REST integration and in the payment request you can pass the field "payee" that will redirect the payment towards a payee account, in this scenario the API caller/processor will only process the transaction and will not receive the payment.


2) You can use ExpressCheckout Parallel Payments that through the calssic APIs (rather the nthe REST APIs) has the same behavior.


You can find some links here below for your reference:



Payee Object with REST

ExpressCheckout Parallel

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