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Multicurrency Issue Vietnam dollar to USD for Vietnam country

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Hi Support,


We are facing a technical issue on using PayPal payment gateway for Vietnam, Condition is:

We are having our website in Magento for Vietnam and showing our products in Vietnam dollar, now once user proceed for checkout we are converting Vietnam dollar to USD so that PayPal receive USD amount for payment. 

Now after payment, on call back, we are converting USD amount to Vietnam dollar. 


For Example:

Total shopping cart value is 10,000 Vietnam dollar now we are converting it from Vietnam dollar to USD so

1 Vietnam dollar = 0.0000427788 USD

So 10,000 Vietnam dollar = 0.427788 USD which is 0.43 USD as PayPal accept only 2 decimal places values.


So once this payment is done and in call back URL we received this 0.43 USD, we again convert this to Vietnam dollar to match this in Magneto platform so that we can generate invoice. 



1 USD = 23,376.04 Vietnam dollar

0.43 USD = 10051.6972 Vietnam dollar


So that is main issue, customer pay 10,000 Vietnam dollar but in return due to currency conversion issue we are getting 10051.6972 Vietnam dollar which is incorrect.


So can you help me in this technical issue so that we can implement PayPal in our website.


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