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Money transactions

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Hello, So I have had PayPal for a while being a verified member, and recently started a business. Through the business I have conducted 2 sales over the past few day’s that have generated me over $1000+. However the first transaction was for $400. After item was shipped and transaction confirmed, PayPal said I needed to increase my funds limit by $500 to make $900 and wouldn’t credit my account until I did so. After that I made another transaction where my funds weren’t visible all through the PayPal service emails telling me if I need help to contact support. Due to covid there is no online support and I am beyond frustrated to where my money is when I sent items. It says to not send items without getting the money but business transactions are pending till shipments are made with tracking numbers to prevent fraud. However I think that I’m being the one frauds when I have no help, sent merchandise without money.

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