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Migration of active subscribers from another Old Paypal to new paypal

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We are in the process of migrating over 1000 subscribers (monthly and yearly) from one Paypal account to another new one.
Customers are currently registered and billed through Old paypal and need to move the recurring billing to new Paypal account.

 We are aware this is a very delicate process, for which we will need your full support.
Could you please let us also know:
- what steps we need to follow and what paypal may need from us in order for this to happen smoothly?
- any file extracted from old Paypal may need us to send over and in what format.
- the account manager who may support us in the process.
 - any other details that we may need to keep into account so that we can implement all the necessary steps accordingly.
- Do you guys have any developer who can help us in this regard? We are using WordPress with strip and Paypal right now on the new platform.

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