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Major bug - urgent - Can't add Official Bearer

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When entering into our PayPal account recently, we're asked to fill some legal information. We did filled all the required informations but now we're stuck on the screen where they ask for the Account Official Bearer :  we click the link where is our officer and then a white pop-up screen is shown empty.... Here's a screenshot of the problem :




We can't go any further and our account is restricted and can't receive money anymore from our clients.... We've sent multiple email to PayPal with any return... Anybody there at PayPal?


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Major bug - urgent - Can't add Official Bearer


Hello @peteles


It sounds like you may have a pop-up blocker enabled. Depending on what browser that you are using will depend on how to disable this feature. I would suggest a Google search to find instructions for your specific browser. 



Major bug - urgent - Can't add Official Bearer


Hello @PayPal_April , thanks for your answer. 

But I'm afraid its a real bug :

  • my pop-up blocker on Chrome is not enabled;
  • it's a CSS pop-up, eg not a second browser window;

So, we're still stuck... with about 6 000$  of our money frozen inside PayPal.... not fun at all. It seems nobody really care at PayPal. We're planing moving with another online payment solution like Stripe for example.


Major bug - urgent - Can't add Official Bearer

New Community Member

I have to have this exact same issue 2020-03-13!


All of a sudden Paypal asked for all this information and then I also get the blank screen and can not complete the requested information.


Thi sis the exact same screen that worked just a screen before for Director information!


No popup blocker, no adblocker, tried in Chrome and Edge and IE, the same result it opens a window has a spinning loading symbol than just a blank box!!!!




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