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Logo not appearing on donation screen

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Logo not appearing on donation screen



I cannot seem to get my logo to appear on my donation screen and cannot figure it out.  I have added the following to advance variables:


image_url=  (Paypal will not allow me to post the actual pic link.


I tried just linking the URL from our Facebook page, Dropbox and Google Drive.  The logo will not appear.  What am I doing wrong?  It is driving me crazy.  Here is the link to our donation page. 

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you



Frustrated in Dallas

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Re: Logo not appearing on donation screen

This seems to be a common problem (we can't make it work at all either!).

So has anyone managed to successfully pass image_url in form/button? Or use it with a hosted button?

Are there certain circumstances where it appears or doesn't appear?