Issue with ngx-paypal Integration: Error 422 UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY PAYEE_ACCOUNT_RESTRICTED

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Hey all,

I'm encountering an issue while using ngx-paypal to integrate PayPal checkout into my Angular application. Here's the error I'm facing:


"/v2/checkout/orders returned status 422 (Corr ID: 02859214a4523). {"name":"UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY","details":[{"field":"/purchase_units/@reference_id=='default'/payee","location":"body","issue":"PAYEE_ACCOUNT_RESTRICTED","description":"The merchant account is restricted."}],"message":"The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation.","debug_id":"02859214a4523","links":[{"href":"","rel":"information_link","method":"GET"}]}"


It seems like there's an issue with the reference_id property within the purchase_units object in the ICreateOrderRequest that I'm sending to PayPal. The error message references this property. The error also mentions a restriction on the recipient's account, but after reaching out to PayPal support, they confirmed that there are no restrictions on the account. It's worth noting that even if I specify an ID other than 'default', the same error occurs.


Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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