Is there a decent tutorial to show how to integrate card payments into my website?


I don't want to use jotform, Angular, PHP, wordpress, woocommerce, etc.? Just html & javascript. The paypal developer page(s) quickly drop into a black hole of vague assumptions. Everything online is directed to simple buttons for one product or added to wordpress etc. Udemy doesn't seem to have anything either.


I have a sandbox setup with my business account. I have successfully loaded my checkout page with the Paypal & Card buttons and figured out how to pass the total cost from my checkout page into the system but I'm stuck there. Testing tells me to enter a valid card number so dummy numbers don't work, although I'm using my sandbox client ID.


So just want to know if there is an online course or tutorial which will get me to a working payment system.

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Hello Kaphoto,

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Community.

Here are instructions on creating a basic add to cart button.

You can follow the steps on the developer website, or you can Log into your PayPal Account and follow the below steps:


  • Log into your PayPal Account at
  • Click on Pay & Get Paid
  • Click on PayPal Buttons
  • Click on Add to Cart
  • Fill in the information
  • Create the button
  • Paste into the HTML of your website

Thank you,




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