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Is there a Way to Affiliates by Standart Payments?

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Is there any way to "send money by mailadresses" after the buyer accomplished the payment with standart button?

I know the ways by using the API (Java-Serverside), but to be more flexible to host at any other position/provider the way with the Javascript Standartbuttons is my favorite.

I'll tell you the first steps of my idea:
Customer A has bought something. By saving the email (wich is at the buy-time a verified mail where paypal can send money to) and let the bayer nkow about its own Chiffre-Code.

My customer can use its Chiffre-Code to make advertising. He (Customer-A) can give it a friend (Customer B) and can earn a little bit back.
The database can set a valid mail by using the Chiffre-Code. (Valid Customer-A mail-addr if not invalidated by paypal)

This requires a second (automated) way so send money after a payment.
I could try a way with donate-buttons (after Customer bought somthing, my solution can build an autometed donation), but it's not a fine way.
First: It will generate 2 transaction.
Second: An automated was with "you must click it by your self button" could be problematic if I think about lawer and so on... or even Paypal-Asssists, because its confusing.

If a Paypal-Asssist dont know why there are donations after a customer bought something and ask about "did you donate to Customer A?" ... so using other word for the affiliate-transfer will not helf my Customer B or PayPal ... at least it will make communication-failtures ... and the most time is money ...

Is they any other idea?


Is there a Way to Affiliates by Standart Payments?


Much easier and more secure for (for my side: unknown ext communication with my custs) is to hold back bonus for customer-a after cust-b bought with the cust-a-chiffre for a month.
So donations are collected till a manually click from my side, but its not fitting to the commercial-model, where everthing you make (if no time def by cust-side) you get.

In short words: everthing is fast, but the affiliate-payment is not - its not realy fitting....

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