Is "Automatic Payments" dead or not?


Many years ago, we set up a payment option for our service that was called "Automatic Payments". This essentially enables us to bill clients on a monthly basis a variable amount - to a limit they specify.

In recent months (maybe as many as 12!), this has not been working. One request to support suggested that the feature had been discontinued, and yet it's still there in terms of the back end. Just that it always says "Payment failed try again later". I even had a new client set up an automatic payment today.

Does anyone here know with a degree of certainty that this feature is no more - I know they'd rather we used Braintree, but Braintree won't do business with telecoms companies.
Or maybe there's a problem with our account - i.e. that it's been labelled as "on hold for automatic payments" and it's just sloppy programming on PayPal's part to give a misleading error message.

I just want to kill this as an issue!

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