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Integration problem

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I am currently in the process of setting up a new webpage where I will be going from Prestashop to Wordpress using Woocommerce. I have set up PayPal payment with the credentials provided by PayPal. However, when attempting a trial purchase of a virtual downloadable product, there is an integration problem that I can't resolve and the PayPal techs I have talked with so far seem to be clueless about a solution. The payment comes out of my account and shows on the PayPal transaction report as being received, but the transaction is change from pending to "On hold". No product or sale is recorded on my webpage. The following message is shown on my order page, "Validation error: PayPal IPN response from a different email address (the address of my receiving account). Order status changed from pending to on hold." Is there anyone who has a solution to this problem? - I have tried to set up Sandbox to do trial transactions, but the whole process and result is a total nightmare to work with. I gave up.

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