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IPN is not real time so what can I do?

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I have a simple subscription site. I am using Paypal Payments Standard. User clicks "pay" and are brought to the Paypal site and makes a successful payment. When the customer clicks on the return to vendor button, I want them to be able to start using my service immediately but Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is not real time apparently-the documentation has been saying it can take a few second but in my case it was taking far longer, like 30 minutes, which is a disaster. Paypal Pro appears to be real time but is only available in US, Canada and UK. I want it for other English speaking countries such as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. 

This must be a common issue,is there a simple solution?


New to this so apologies if my question is easy.


The business will be registered in Ireland but its a .com company and have it on Hostgator at the moment.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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