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IPN, change notify_url after domain loss?

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Dear PayPal community and PayPal support team.


The situation is as follows:

I have received about 20 subscriptions through the PayPal subscription button/form.

I am using the parameters: invoice & notify_url for a dynamic IPN on my side.

And... I lost the domain... sadly... when I moved to a new domain, I got more subscriptions, and already with invoice & notify_url for the new domain.


So, now PayPal IPN sends half of the IPN to the new domain and that's fine, and the other half to the old not working domain... And that's not OK.

I can only switch off the IPN completely... but I can't change the notify_url for the old subscriptions... which is a huge problem for me because the very important "inovice" parameter I can't get from another Webhook API or NVP.... but only through IPN.


So, I need help from PayPal support team to change all my "notify_url" subscriptions with the old domain not working.


Please contact me, I can provide complete information.

At the moment, I can't use IPN at all because PayPal sends sensitive user data to the old not working domain.

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