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I want to create a link to open the PayPal app for my friends in Ukraine

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I've been supporting people in Ukraine, friends of mine, and friends of my friends, as well as charitable organizations. PayPal is a great way to help raise money for my friends over there, now that they can use it (thanks PayPal)


I am trying to create a link that can open the paypal app if it's clicked on. I understand that "regulations" don't allow for a link to be created. 


Is there a way to create a link that opens the prompts the paypal app to open? It would be super cool since you know, people are lazy and making them manually open the app and enter the email seems to lower conversion rates...I don't know why this would be against any regulations, you could still even print the email address, but I can't seem to find a solution. Any help would probably help a lot of people a whole lot. 

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