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I want only the total amount transferred from the shopping cart to Paypal

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Hello everybody,
I use woocommerce for my online shop and have added PayPal via API (name, password, signature) as payment method.
With an order that is made automatically via PayPal, you get an email from woocommerce that a new order has been received and then another email from PayPal about a received payment.
In the mail from PayPal it is shown again who has ordered, what he has ordered, etc. Now I would like that in the mail from PayPal it only says the total amount of the order from the buyer and not the full description of the item. Is there a possibility that the shopping cart is not transferred or that you can at least edit / program it so that only certain things are written on the Paypal incoming payment email.
Thank you in advance!
Greetings daniel

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