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I need to urgently speak with Paypal

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I have read every help section that is available! I have contacted PayPal via message on their website and also through their Facebook page. I set up my account incorrectly and now the account has been blocked from transferring any funds. I have sent through my trademark which has been rejected as it’s not my birth certificate. I’ve sent through my drivers license but it doesn’t match my PayPal account name as I filled it out as my business name. I need help from someone in their customer service team but that isn’t happening. How do I get them PayPal to see that I need their help! Urgently to rectify this issue.

I need to urgently speak with Paypal

Unfortunately, right now is a difficult time because they have limited resources due to current events.

If it was asking you for a birth certificate, why did you upload a trademark? I'm a little confused there. Simple mistake?

If the account can be a business account with a business name, but it would also have you include personal information, where you'd have your own name and info.

So the driver license should match at least the personal name you have added to your account. If it doesn't, yes, that could throw red flags and cause problems.

Unfortunately, the best way to resolve this sort of thing is to get somebody on the phone, and again, right now is a difficult time for that.

Maybe a PayPal employee can step in here and help you better, but I think you're going to have to wait until this all blows over and people are back on the phones again so that you can get yourself verified and get the account opened back up (assuming there are no other issues causing it to be limited.)

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I need to urgently speak with Paypal

When I created the account I didn’t put in my personal name in the fields required. I filled it out so that my business name became my first and last name. Now I can’t verify as the documentation is incorrect. I need their help to correct this as the fields are greyed out so you can’t make any changes

I need to urgently speak with Paypal

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If the account holder name is also the business name, you'll need to provide 'business entity' documents.


Now for each country, these may differ so take a look at the Resolution Center to see if there is a list of documents for business entities that you can provide instead. You may have to put through a name change:


Personal Account:

Account Settings (gear icon) > Name > Update


Change options:

Change your legal name - Use a new name after marriage, divorce, etc.

Update your name - Use your full name instead of a nickname, for example

Make a minor correction - Fix a typo of 1 or 2 characters


Business Account:

Account Settings > Account Owner Information > Name > Change 



You've legally changed your name - Use a new name after marriage, divorce, etc.

Your name is incorrect - Make a minor change if it's 2 letters or fewer.

Your contact name has changed - Your business contact's name has changed

Your business name has changed - Update your business name


Unfortunately, staff has been reduced due to the virus so response time with account limitations dept. will take longer but they are working on trying to remedy that.  Just keep following up if you can and keep eye on email for any responses.


  1. Log on.
  2. Click HELP at the top menu.
  3. Scroll down and click CONTACT US.
  4. Scroll down to click MESSAGE US or other contact options such as Live Chat.

Or contact via social media:


Facebook (AU):

Twitter (AU): @AskPayPalAU


Facebook (Worldwide):

Twitter (Worldwide): @AskPayPal 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

I need to urgently speak with Paypal

Thankyou I’ve attempted to contact them through PayPal but the automated messages just send me links rather than answers. The links are of no help as I have set up my account incorrectly and only their staff will be able to rectify the problem.

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