I need my money

I need my money paypal will no let me have it i was stuck out of town so a friend sent me 200 dollars thru papal wich i had never used and since my purse was stolen i have no id well paypal will not let me have my money. I cant go get another id because of corona virus. I can answere any security question they ask i just dont have an id. They say once i send them a picture of it they will release my money but i can. So wat they are saying is if the person that stole my id happens to get into my paypal account they will release my money to them. And not to me i didnt make a police report because the police said i waited to lond but after the corona virus is over i can go to the station and talk with them about makeing a report. I have sent them a picture of my id the only one i had and they said it was too blurry i sent then a picture of my bank card not good enough they say. So any sugestions on how to get my money from these people
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