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I Need Help With Re-linking My Bank Account

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Hi, Compliments of the day. I recently linked my Bank of America account to my PayPal account, I saw the two small deposits made by PayPal of which I confirmed correctly & appropriately but presently I have a new message from PayPal saying that they could not withdraw the confirmation payments back due to a problem from my account. I immediately traced the issue with my bank and found out it was due to a certain verification I was asked to do quickly but unfortunately I did not see their message on time to be able to do the verification that my bank asked me to do and it was the same period Paypal tried to redeem the 2 small payments they made to my account. But right now, the truth of the matter is that I have already rectified the issue with my bank by verifying what I was asked to, and everything should go well now if Paypal should charge my bank account now. Please I want you to make my bank account linkable to my Paypal account again since I've already corrected the minor issue with my bank lately. I beg of you to help me make this happen because I tried linking it again on Paypal website but i get an error message. Kindly assist me with this Please. I look forward to your unalloyed support to this request of mine. Thanks in anticipation. Best Regards, Faithfully' Eric Godswill.

I Need Help With Re-linking My Bank Account


Hello All, good to be part of the community.

I also have problems linking my bank account to my paypal, reason being my bank is not in the USA. How do I link my bank to my paypal account in this case?


Thanks a lot for the advise.



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