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How to start with PayPal payment button ?

New Community Member

How to start with PayPal payment button ?



For the last 13 years, I used to have some PayPal buttons on my website with IPN (notifications of payment) back to my server. It worked fine, until 1 or 2 years ago. Today I do not get anymore IPNs.

Today I try to fix it, but the online documentation is not very clear.


I have read the basic integration doc online ( and I have tried to make a test. It doesn't work at all. It's all about Javascript and some variable are not defined, like the paypal variable.


Here is the code for instance :


<div id="paypal-button-container"></div>




Safari tells me that paypal variable is not known. How can I know if this has been defined in Javascript PayPal source ? I can't. 


Server side :


a function is defined : function handleRequest(request, response)


What are the variable request and response ??? Where do they come from ? How do I get them ?


Generally, the IPN is received by a script that is defined into the client button code. And I read the IPN data (which are POST data) in this file.


I really don't understand how this works.



Can you help ?