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How to link 2 websites to existing account?

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We have one webshop already linked to our business PayPal account and are now starting a second webshop. We have succeeded in linking the PayPal account to the new webshop but can't find out how to 'give' the information (what information to give and where to fill it in) on the PayPal account so that payments may be done/orders may be placed, from both websites. Is there anyone that can help us?


How to link 2 websites to existing account?

PayPal Employee

Hi @Madde2,


Thank you for contacting PayPal community.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


Yes, you can use the API credentials of your existing PayPal account to link your new website.


So that payments processed on new website will be credited to your existing PayPal account.


Steps to access your API credentials via your Business PayPal account:


Login >> click "settings" icon >> Account settings >> Account access >> "API access" >> Manage API credentials >> Renew certificate.


Login >> Go to "" >> follow above steps.




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