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How to collect all outstanding payments at once

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How can we collect all outstanding payments at once? So far I have to open each user profile, one by one, then go on their details, then click on collect (very time consuming and you have to do it for each pending payment manually).


Is there a way to click somewhere to collect from anybody with outstanding balances at once? Also, any way to have PayPal's system trying over and over again to collect those amounts automatically on a set interval, instead of trying after five days and giving up?


I am surely not the only person in the world that could use those features, it feels like it's something so basic that it must be hidden somewhere I can't find, neither can PayPal's customer service guide me on setting those things up properly.


By the way, I also tried something called "delinquent report" but it only shows the user ID, so I'd have to do a bunch of data processing on my end because they didn't do the tiny favor of including the customer's emails and names on it, so we could send dunning emails...

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