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How do you add a delivery address for a client's paypal?

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Under activity tab, customer list, I see my client in the list but under "delivery" column it says not provided. How do I (seller) add a delivery address to my client's (buyer) PayPal customer list?


I followed these instructions..... 


"Here’s how to add, edit or delete contacts:

  1. Go to the Invoicing section of your account.
  2. From the Settings drop-down menu, select Address book.
  3. Click the contact you would like to update or remove, then click Edit or Delete.
  4. Click Add new contact if you would like to add someone new to your address book.

Once you've added a new contact to your address book, they'll appear at the bottom of the page when you send or request money. Click their contact icon to automatically access their information when sending or requesting money."


AND I have an address for my client in my customer invoice but it's not showing up on my customer list AND I don't see this client "appearing at the bottom of the page when you send or request money."

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