How do I create a custom donation confirmation page for unhosted buttons?


How do I create a custom donation confirmation page and implement it when using my unhosted donation button? Currently I am coding in PHP and pass logic checks between a database and the custom variable, but I need to update a database from the confirmation of donation and not the return url.

This integration is used only within an in-game browser, and donations made are confirmed in-game to the player associated with the donation. These donations are specifically for the game environment that was created for them. I retrieve their player info and their donation amount (and am trying to) send them an in-game private message with confirmation using paypal logic and player database queries. Everything currently works correctly. My issue is based solely on the return url. I need to connect and query the database directly after payment is successful, currently I am only able to do it on the return url. If the player closes the in-game window on the confirmation page, then the player information isn't collected and queries don't receive the correlating paypal information. Which means I cannot send them confirmation information, and I cannot update my database of players who have donated. 


Is it possible to query my database on a custom donation-confirmation page, or to purely route to the return url? If not, and because the gaming environment is not modifiable in a way that would permit a work-around, how would I best work around this?

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