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How can a seller refund a pending payment?

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I wanted to find out how I could refund a payment that is pending. Someone brought an item from me on ebay and I misplaced the item so it was no longer available. As a result, I went to refund the money sent but since the payment was pending, paypal wouldn’t allow me to do that. The payment remains pending until the customer receives the product, so how could I send that same money back. If I refund the payment with my own money, how will I get the money that is pending since I would have already gave my money to the buyer

How can a seller refund a pending payment?

PayPal Employee

Hi @moryd6,


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When you get paid for items sold on, your payment might not be available immediately. Your money is usually available in 21 days or sooner to ensure your buyers receive their items.


I request to please refer the guide link.


I recommend to check with PayPal Customer Service via this link (then choose at the bottom one of the contact methods - email or phone). They will be able to assist and provide more details on this topic.




PayPal, Inc.


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