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Help with sending item details to paypal from third party cart

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I followed the instructions on the following web site,, in creating a button on my web page to send details for each item ordered when sending to Paypal. I want o show the cart contents such as each item, how many ordered and the price in paypal when the user checks out with paypal. 


However, only the aggregate amount due shows in paypal and not the item details. What am I missing in order to make this happen.

Any help appreciated. 



Help with sending item details to paypal from third party cart

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Normally with the upload method, it would show you a breakdown of each item and then the total.   When using the Upload method the first PayPal Checkout Screen you see looks similar to the what you would see if using a Buy Now item button, you have the option to pay with a credit card or your PayPal Account to choose from, for example if you choose to pay with a credit card, on the next screen you only see the total amount of your purchase at the top however, if you click on the small down "arrow", the details of the purchase are displayed - from there you also display additional details for each item.    If you feel something is not working as mentioned, then we would need to see an example of the code you're using.   If you don't want to post the code or a link to the code, then you may want to contact Tech Support for assistance.

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