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Help with creating a button

New Community Member
Posted on

hi everyone,


I would like to create a button similar to donate button, where you have options for different prices but you also have another option to set you own price.

can anyone help? I try to do it with the button wizard but when I set the option for 0 it does not let me set my price it just reboots the cart over and over again.


I guess I need to customize a code, if someone can share a code sample I can work with it.




Help with creating a button

New Community Member

You have successfully updated shipment information. You’ll get your money within 1 day of delivery. Paid by Michael <removed> Shipped to Michael <removed> "Address" <removed> GARFIELD,  NJ  <removed> United States Seller Protection Eligible Eligible when you... Ship to the address on this page. Save your tracking or shipping info. Have you received this order? Domestic: Sent by Michael <removed> 23 January 2021, Sent by NINJAVAN_PHILIPPINES Status: Shipped

Transaction ID 1J426831846262807Details Sent by Michael <removed> ₱1,400.00 Fee -negative ₱76.60 Total ₱1,323.40 Refund this payment

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