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Help needed setting "individual return URLs" for different Paypal buttons/transactions

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As someone who is very much a newbie, I am about to ask a very silly question, but help would be appreciated!


On one of the PayPal help pages (i.e. it talks you through how to override the return URL on individual transactions, in order to auto return to a different URL for each button/type of transaction. 


I have tried using this code on my website, but it just keeps returning to the main URL return page that I have set up in my main account settings, rather than the different URL I am trying to redirect this specific transaction to.  I suspect this is because I am really new to using code and I am just not editing the code correctly. 


So here comes my silly question...In the following piece of code (taken from the above PayPal help page), which bits specifically do I need to change/edit?



Am I just supposed to change the orange text (i.e. change this to the URL that I want to use)?  And am I supposed to leave the <> brackets in, or edit those out?  And am I supposed to be changing any of the other text in white, green or blue, or just leaving all that as it is?


Thanks for your patience with a newbie!!!




p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong category/board...I am so new to all this that I didn't really understand the category options!  

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