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Help With Simple Form Creation

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Greetings - I am looking for some assistance on creating a fairly simple payment form that can work with my business account. The form is for paying a bill by a customer with a "variable" amount field for the dollar amount, like the Donation buttons can have, but I also need to find a way to add a processing fee amount to whatever amount the customer inputs, (i.e. if they enter $25 and the fee is 3% then like a spreadsheet can do it would calculate the cell with the 25 in it to multiply the entered amount by 3% (.03) and add that additional amount to the initial dollar amount they entered to come up with the actual amount to be paid, in this case, $25.75 instead of just $25.00).

The other form fields are basic to pass with the payment info, name, account number, address, phone, and email. Can someone possibly help with this? Its been about 7 years since I have done anything with PP forms and coding and things have changed quite a bit. I do have a web design, minor coding geek background, just not too up-to-speed on this.


Any help would be appreciated. - Jerris

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