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Help? Paypal receipts do not reflect business name

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HI all,


I'm not sure if this is a question the paypal community will be able to answer, but I will ask anyway. When my customers on etsy make a purchase, the receipt they receive from paypal is of my old Etsy store name and not my new one. The link in the receipt still takes customers to my current store, but the name on the link is wrong. Is this a paypal or an Etsy issue? And does anyone have any ideas how to fix it so the name reflects the business? The weird thing is there is nowhere I have the option to change this, either in Etsy or in paypal. Etsy has not responded to my help, but I thought somewhere someone using paypal may have come across this issue too? Etsy now uses "etsy payments" so they're no help to me and I cant figure out which company the error lies with.

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