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Going live and receiving 4011 error

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I've been testing with a previous test PayPal account which was setup a few years ago for a website and everything works as expected in test mode. This uses HTML to populate the form and send to PayPal for payment. I change the settings from test to live on a completely new separate PayPal live account and attempt to make a live transaction. I reach the PayPal gateway, enter my LIVE email address which prompts me for a secondary authorisation (this is fine as I have set 2 factor authentication for my PayPal account)..... I authorise this and then receive a friendly error that the transaction could not go at further and to return back to the merchants website. Looking at the logs it shows a 4011 error but I'm not sure what settings I need to check out or any other changes to make? Could anyone narrow this down or give some ideas to try out?

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