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Floating 'view cart' button in Google Blogger

New Community Member

Floating 'view cart' button in Google Blogger

Sorry if this is an odd question or the wrong place to ask, but I'm new to PayPal and not expert in HTML and I was wondering if you could help.


We run a very small charity, and our website is hosted on Google Blogspot. One of the pages on our site is the shop. We don't have a wide range, so everything is on one page. Next to each item is a button to 'add to cart' (the cart and payments being hosted by PayPal). 


However, as they scroll, the 'view cart' button at the top of the page scrolls off. Is there a way to add the PayPal 'View cart' button as a floating button to the page - so it always appears top-right or bottom-right of the page? 


Thank you in advance.