Error "only single currency unit allowed per invoice" related to minimum_amount_due

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(This editor seems to think I've put my phone number in the JSON code I've pasted below. I didn't, but the otherwise blank spot was automatically replaced by this site)


Thanks in advance for any efforts to find this (almost certainly) small error of mine:


I've successfully set all of the parameters to create an invoice with one exception: Minimum amount due. The errors:


"field":"","issue":"only single currency unit allowed per invoice."

"field":"minimum_amount_due.currency_code","issue":"cannot be null or, empty."


Without the minimum amount due section, my code works great. Partial payments are accepted, as is tipping. but I want the minimum payment to be $5, and cannot get this to work using the API.


Here's what the code looks like (with personal information redacted with xxx): 



{        "number":"INV0708",    "allow_tip":"true",     "merchant_info":{        "email":"xxx",        "first_name":"Donut",        "last_name":"Basil",        "business_name":"Donut Basil Magic"    },    "billing_info":[       {[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]="Apple-converted-space">          "last_name":"Last70",          "email":"xxx"       }    ],     "allow_partial_payment":"true",  "minimum_amount_due": {         "currency_code": "US",         "value": "5.00"       },    "items":[      {          "name":"Item 26",          "quantity":1,          "unit_price":{             "currency":"USD",             "value":"600"          }       }],          "shipping_info":{       "first_name":"shipfirst32",       "last_name":"shipLast19",       "address":{          "line1":"",          "city":"",          "state":"TX",          "postal_code":"",          "country_code":"US"       }    } }

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