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Enabling digital goods poorly supported by PayPal customer service

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We are in the business of connecting customers and service providers through App services. As business owners we have had horrible experience with PayPal customer support over last 2 months to enable digital goods service through their back-end service department. We have made over 30+ calls and raised tickets but nothing gets resolved. I called today to ask about last ticket I raised 10 days ago (1273121) and I was told that that was directed to wrong department by their team and nothing can be done about it. The same department last week told me last week that their department was behind schedule and will work on it shortly. If you ask the customer service to let me talk to the supervisor or escalate the issue online I was told this couldn’t be done. I tried escalating the business support related issue through online portal and observed that it cannot be done, as our issue is not part of PayPal's standard email template. I am absolutely astonished how a corporation such as PayPal can survive in this day and age with such a poor customer support.

Appreciate if anyone could share their experience related to enabling of digital goods through PayPal's back-end support.

I raised another ticket today (8673727). I am keeping my fingers crossed and if we still cannot get the support then will be switching to their competitors.

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