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Enabling Payouts using Merchant Technical Support

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Hello I am now trying to go live on my account but after several attempts of trying to enable the mass payout feature in Paypal I keep getting sent back and forth. The process is a simple procedure and I cannot understand why Paypal is somehow placing a barrier for the enablement of this feature for my account. I have contacted Merchant Technical Support concerning this and they mention that it is not their functionality and that I should speak to the message center, however when I do do this, they take me back to Merchant Technical Support and so this continues back and forth. Is there something occurring here in all forms of legality and communication between Paypal and the Merchant Service?

Is this a case of artificial intelligence going in a loop regarding communication as I do not believe that this is actual logical reasoning unless it were coming from a human being. Considering the constant loop in communication I have no logical explanation than to believe that it could possibly be bots sending me back and forth. If there is anyone out there with a solution to this problem then please spare some knowledge in the community. I am simply trying to enable my mass payout feature, that is all as it is a core functionality of the business.


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