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Donations in local currencies and deposits into local banks

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I am leading the efforts to build a donation platform for a global non-profit. We would like payment gateways to accept donations in the local currency and be able to deposit money into local banks for the following countries. It is very difficult to understand if Paypal will do this just from looking at this page Could someone please explain how I can gather this information from the online documentation, country by country?


If that information is not available can someone please help me know if the local currency is supported and money can be deposited locally about the following countries: 

Moldova (currency MDL)
Nigeria (currency NGN)
Romania (currency RON)
Ghana (currency GHS)
Liberia (currency LRD)
Poland (currency PLN)
Egypt (currency EGP)
Kenya (currency KES)
Uganda (currency UGX)
Guyana (currency GYD)
Ethiopia (currency ETB)
Brazil (currency BRL)
Ecuador (currency USD)
Cote d'Ivoire (currency CFA)

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